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Thank you for coming to our site. DuroKleen.Trade is set up especially for trade vendors who use the DuroKleen products for their clients or employers. 

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to become proficient in the use of our products and confidence to explain our products features and benefits to your new and existing clients. We will provide you with as much support as possible to do this, including providing you with a knowledge library, an accreditation program with use of the accredited logo, and most importantly special trade pricing for all DuroKleen products with FREE delivery anywhere in Australia.

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DuroKleen Trade offer a FREE accreditation program for all individuals who use the DuroKleen Products on a commercial basis. Once you have completed the accreditation process which takes about 30 minutes, you will be recognised and a DuroKleen Accredited Specialist. If you have a commercial business with an ABN and your own branding, then you will be able to use the DuroKleen Accredited Logo as appears on this website. we will send you a Certificate of Accreditation and all our DuroKleen Accredited Specialists will have access to our special Trade pricing for all DuroKleen products with free delivery across Australia.

To become a DuroKleen Accredited Specialist, simply click here, or go to the Join Us page. You will provide some basic details so we can communicate with you. Your details will also appear on our list of Accredited Specialists on the DuroKleen home page for DuroKleen customers to find an Accredited Specialist in their area. 

Once you have registered and Logged into our Durokleen.Trade website, you will find an abundance of training resources to help you understand how DuroKleen works to destroy bio toxins for up to 100 days. You will also learn how to safely and effectively apply the products by hand and by fogging. When you are confident with DuroKleen application, then you will complete a short Accreditation assessment and you will then be a DuroKleen Accredited Specialist with all the features and benefits of Accreditation including access to a wide range of marketing materials, information sheets and other reference materials to assist you in providing the highest quality product to you clients. 

So, WHY do we do this?

DuroKleen Long Term Anti-Microbial Solution is a revolutionary innovation that really works to provide protection against bio toxins including mould, staph, covid, sars. However application is not intuitively the same as traditional cleaning products. This will all  be explained in the Certification training. At the simplest form of explanation here, DuroKleen must be applied and allowed to dry naturally rather than be wiped away. Once the surface dries a layer of charged molecules protection exists over the hard or soft surface that will remain there for months, even years if the surface is not ever contacted. 

Our specialist vendors know this and can demonstrate it and communicate it effectively with their clients and then apply if effectively. We value our strategic partnerships with our Accredited Specialists because you are at the coal face of this industry. You know the complexities of bio toxin control and when you see the results from DuroKleen, you too will become an ardent fan of this extraordinary product. 

At DuroKleen Trade we will assist you through this process to understand the DuroKleen Products and you, as an accredited Specialist, you become our service delivery operators for our valued DuroKleen customers. We do not offer you a franchise, joint venture or license in any form, we simply assist you to be recognised by your market as a specialist with access to the best products at the best price allowing you be apply these  products to your customers with a profitable margin.

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